I am Patrick Jörnlid, I am a Miami based freelance artist. I was born and raised here surrounded by the vibrant life that is Miami. I work mainly in oil paints and spray paint, but I am experienced with many mediums of painting and drawing. My art is heavily influenced by the liveliness of Miami, but also by my upbringing on a farm surrounded by people and nature.

I spent my early time as an artist working with the architect and designer Kenneth vonRoenn. Getting a deep understanding of design and planning. it was here are started elevating my skills with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Soon after finishing my work vonRoenn I graduated with my bachelor’s in studio art from Florida State University.

It was then that I started my journey as a freelance artist in Miami, and when I got in contact with the renowned graffiti art, Erni Vales. Working with Mr. Vales was such an enlightening experience on the hectic world of an artist and I learned more than I thought I could about making art, and the self-discipline required to be your own boss and producing work consistently. It was during this time my style started to start to really become prominent as I started to understand why I was making my art.

And now we are here, on this website. I’m here to help those new to the art world improve their chances of succeeding and give the help I wish I had when I started, via the blog posts.