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The Advantages of Social Media in Building a Community for Selling Art

Human beings as a species are social creatures. We rely on each other to survive and prosper. There are obviously exceptions to this rule, and varying amounts of dependence such as the difference between extroverted and introverted people. However, at the end of the day, whether introverted or extroverted, we often look to our communities for aid and answers. With social media, it is easier now than ever to create or be involved in extremely diverse communities that span the globe. This is especially advantageous for art brands and brands in general.

It can’t be stressed enough the importance of developing a community around your brand. A brand’s community is how it sustains itself and continues to grow, without your community you wouldn’t really have a brand. The most important part of building a brand community is communication between the audience and your brand. With how social media has developed over the years, you have access to many unique ways to interact and engage with your audience. With this interaction, you are able to strengthen your existing relationships as well as facilitate new ones across a vast selection of audience members.

Interacting with the audience

Because you have the goal of developing a strong community around your brand, it is important to make your audience feel involved in how you develop your brand. This sense of involvement help generate love for your brand and creates a deeply personal connection between you and your audience. Some of these methods include:

  • Live streams
  • Community features
  • Branded hashtags

Live streaming is an extremely fast-growing medias and is quickly being adopted by social media platforms. It is more or less the new live-tweeting of the ever-advancing digital era. Live streams offer you an opportunity to directly connect and interact with your audience in a multitude of ways. This is an extremely powerful tool for artists because it allows your audience to be a part of the process of creation. Sometimes it may just be watching, but it allows them to gain a better appreciation and ask questions about what is happening. This ability to watch and learn how you go about creating your work allows them to connect with you and your creations because they were there as you made them. Additionally, through live streaming, you can hosts community events that really get viewers involved in what is going on. You can poll going in the chat of the streaming site to decide what should be created next. Interaction like this is a great way to get your community engaged and excited about the content you produce because they had a hand in its creation.

Community features are another great way to make your audience feel acknowledged and involved. Through the use of this tactic, you can facilitate meaningful engagement and generate content that means a great deal to your community because it comes from them. Additionally, this helps extends the reach of your brand because when you host events like this, you can promote sharing as a requirement to be featured. Additionally, you’ll further promote sharing of your brand and its social media by the individuals that do get featured; Who isn’t excited about having their art featured on someone’s social media and wanting to share it?

Branded hashtags are an effective and passive way to give your community a space to share where they know you and the rest of the community will be able to see what they post.

Building a community around your art brand is an extremely important aspect of brand building and sets the foundation for future growth. Creating a strong community means you will have a group of people that are as(or more) passionate about your art than you are. But to develop this type of audience you need to think about the advantages social media offers you in interacting with and engaging them to make them feel like they really are a part of something.

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