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Growing Art Brands: The Faces Behind the Numbers

When developing any type of strategy for brand building, metrics are a key point in the decision-making process. This is an indisputable fact, without the use of metrics, the art content you are creating will likely be irrelevant to your audience. Your metrics help you build an identity for your audience so you can better develop content that fills their needs. However, metrics are not the end all be all.

It is extremely easy to get stuck on the metrics in front of you and ignore the people behind those metrics. Your goal is to go beyond the metrics and understand who your audience really is. It is wrong as a new and growing brand to assume who your audience is. In order to not assume and go beyond the metrics, engagement is a necessity. Through audience engagement and social listening, you get a direct look into what your audience is saying. This is an invaluable resource, your audience is telling you what they want taking the guesswork out of the equation. Not only does this help your content, but also sets the groundwork for future engagement and promotional campaigns. In the future as a more established brand, your metrics may give you more info about your audience and reduce the necessity for direct person to person engagement.

Moving beyond your metrics and looking directly at your audiences will additionally help you to establish your brand’s community and facilitate brand love. This inevitably will lead to a strong, long-lasting art brand, that is deeply rooted in the minds of your audience.

At the end of the day, the ones buying your art merchandise will be those people not the metrics. 

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